Get Involved!

Get Involved!

We have a wide range of openings for you to get involved. No matter what your location, availability, interests, abilities, or anything else, we need your help!!!!


Notary Public- Must be in good standing with State of Missouri. Willing to notarize petitions for legalization. Discounted rates and occasional availability for “notary parties” appreciated.

Petitioners- Must be 18 years of age, with no forgery related convictions. Can cover only your immediate area, or any area of the state. Online petitioner training is now open, go here to complete our Petitioner Training course, make sure you fill out the form at the end! Other options will be available soon, if online training is not suitable for you.

Business Owners- Any business with a physical location in the state of Missouri. Options include permanent signing locations, donation of items or gift certificates for fundraising, event hosting, allow petitioning on property, and display info material (variety of options).

Musicians/Entertainers- Options include appearances at events scheduled by us, petitioners or info materials at your events, donation of items or gift certificates for fundraising, publicity.

Crafty-folk- Donation of items for fundraising events.

Leadership- We have a couple of districts that need more help with the leadership team, as well as several counties that need a leader. Responsibilities include communication with other team members, assist with event planning, coordinate efforts for your area.

Extroverts- Become a petitioner, share info, or contact one of our petitioners to coordinate a signing party with your friends and family.

Introverts- We have many behind the scenes projects including computer work, hands on projects, list making, and other activities that only require basic communication with a small number of people.

Philanthropists- Whether you are currently one, or just always dreamed of being one, here is your chance. We do have some necessary expenses to be able to get our petitions available to all nooks and crannies of our state. Our primary funding goal is covering printing expenses for all petitions and promo materials. Above that, donations will go to offset petitioner expenses, and to plan events throughout the state to bring awareness to our cause. Any donation from a dollar up is helpful to allowing us to accomplish our goals.

If you would like to get involved, here’s your chance. If you are waiting for someone to ask you to help with something, here it is. Let us know we can count on you by emailing us at or by filling out our  Volunteer Form We look forward to hearing from you today!